Access to business information is a necessity through different devices, most of it happens outside of corporate premises, using non compliant non secure and non managed devices.
So many risks are threatening corporates due to misuse of information or unauthorized access in case of device loss or insecurity, with possibility of tampering information integrity or landing in the wrong hands, or even loss of information.
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Unified End Point management solution from Scalefusion, provides single interface to secure, manage and control devices accessing your business information. Integrated with rest of your systems for complete visibility and communication enhancement across your company.
Single solution for all platforms: Android, iOS, Windows10 and MacOS. 
Supporting both Corporate Owned Devices (COD) or employees personal devices (BYOD)
Perfect alternative to: Android Device Manager, Symantec EndPoint Protection, Sophos Intercept X

Scalefusion Main Features


Device and User Enrollment as Simple as It Can Get

Enroll devices over the air, initiate out of the box policy application for Android, Apple & Windows devices. Drive bulk device enrollment and make the device provisioning easy and straightforward.

Application Management

Application Management Delivered for Your Business

Get started with mobile application management on your business endpoints. Power corporate-owned and employee-owned devices with a line of business apps.

Remote Troubleshooting

Extend Quick IT Support To Your Employees, Remotely

Provide instant support for remote workforce and frontline employees. Virtually troubleshoot device issues, just as you would physically.

Location Tracking

Follow the Footprints of Your Enterprise Devices

Keep a constant track of your mobile assets. Track device location in real time and always be on the top of your enterprise inventory.

Content Management

Publish and Share Content in a Secure Environment

Empower your remote workforce and frontline employees with streamlined access to business documents. Push content files, videos and presentations and enforce security policies to keep it safe.

Eva Communication App

Secure Communication App for Remote Workers

Connect your workforce, help them collaborate and let the conversations flow with Eva Team Communication App.


Get Quick and Deep Insights Into Your Device Inventory

Stay updated and informed with the help of DeepDive, and get a 360-degree overview of the entire device inventory. Leverage vital device-related intelligence and take quick and effective actions for enhanced device management.


Comprehensive Reporting for Easy Device Management

Power your device management with analytics and reporting. Generate extensive reports on device performance and usage with Scalefusion.


Automate and Streamline IT Tasks

Automate and schedule IT tasks and set compliance alerts on managed devices, without complex coding & scripting. Create a set of tasks or actions referred to as ‘Flows’ and select a time and frequency for its execution.


Partnering With Great Companies and OEMs To Bring You the Best Device Management Experience

Integrate the best-in-market solutions to compliment your enterprise mobility management. Onboard the diverse services to the Scalefusion dashboard and simplify inventory-wide device management.

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