Your field staff who work outside company premises offering services to your clients are your main engine of growth. 
A major question arises. How do you measure their productivity?
Without proper “real time” visibility, communication and task allocation; productivity is so hard to measure and develop.
Field Workforce
Verified Remote Attendance

Timestamped with location and selfie

Manage your employees attendance at specified locations and desired time verified with a selfie

Manage Market Visits

Planned and unplanned visits with route optimization

Manage productivity by planning market visits, and even unplanned visits are logged and tracked

Route planning
Real time order management

Never lose an order

With real time order capture you will never lose an order or face delayed reporting

order capture
Motivate More Sales

Gamification for more productivity

Transparency in performance among the team will lead to more sales in an exciting gamification of sales process

Real time Dashboard

Manage with clear real time data

Customizable management dashboard with real time data for accurate and fast decision making to compete in today’s changing business

Sample Report

WFM solution will ensure:

  • You get accurate attendance data for remote workers; with digital proof of location, time and biometric identity verification(selfie)
  • Real time information on task status with digital proof
  • Real time task assignment
  • Real time customer feedback
  • Accurate invoicing
  • Survey data collection
  • Reports

Which reflects on

  • Better control on Service Delivery
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Boosted productivity
  • Revenue increase
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • End to End visibility
  • Market insights

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